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Rates & Quotes

Each project is unique, and as such will need to be assessed as to the costs involved. Costs could include any special permissions required, the number of people to facilitate the shoot, additional equipment needed, additional insurance, any pre-flight visits needed, overnight accommodation, time of the shoot, travel and so on.

After discussing your requirements and expectations, we will be happy to provide a full detailed quote.

Rates and Quotes are valid for 6 months from date of issue unless otherwise stated

VAT Will be chargeable and itemised on all quotes.

Professional Motion Drone Photography Booking

Booking & Deposit

Professional Motion is flexible when working with clients to accommodate alternative shooting possibilities if the booked shooting day is outside of operational safety limits for aerial videography, or for any reason the shoot can't go ahead. Weather limits prevent some flights,  the CAA's laws regarding drone flights, regulations and permissions that allow commercially licensed operators to fly, as long as they follow such safety rules, is for this reason why aerial work may not go ahead if it is deemed dangerous. 

However, due to the nature of filming, booking our services will require a 30% deposit to be paid at the point of booking. This is to secure your preferred shooting date, and for us to allocate equipment, resources, staff. If booking under short notice, then prior bookings take priority.

Postponements, Cancelations & Weather

If, due to adverse weather or other unforeseen reasons, filming can not go ahead, then all efforts will be made to accommodate an alternative date for filming, based on your requirements. In this case, the deposit will be transferred to the alternative date. This deposit in non-refundable, and clients are encouraged to work with us to provide an alternative date for filming should conditions not be suitable for flying.

If our services are cancelled by the client, then unless previously arranged, the despot will not be refunded and no alternative filming date will be offered and our obligations to the client will cease. In any case, should you need to cancel, please contact us and we will do our best to offer our services, subject to prior bookings, that reflect your prior and future business. 

Professional Motion Drone Photography Copyright

Copyright & Usage

Professional Motion Ltd retains the right for filming credit on all projects undertaken. Ownership of material, directly commissioned by the client, for the client, will be owned by the client, and such material will not be used by Professional Motion ltd for other purposes, or distributed to any companies, people or bodies without prior written consent from the client.

Professional Motion Ltd will however use such filming credits in marketing and promotional material. Should Professional Motion Ltd require the use of film or photographic material for marketing and promotional reasons, then a request will be placed and will be subject to the approval of the client.

If purchasing stock footage, then Professional Motion Ltd remains the owner of such material, and reserve the right to use such material for marketing and promotional use, as well as to supply the same material to other clients unless previously agreed.

If you have any questions regarding copyright and usage, then please contact us and we will be happy to help.

Professional Motion Drone Photography Clauses

Confidentiality & Restrictive Clauses

All requests and quote will be provided with the strictest of confidence and will not be used publicly. 

Professional Motion Ltd will be happy to discuss restrictive clauses on a case by case basis, and will accommodate and respect a client's requests where practically possible.
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